Increase your brand recognition with the right corporate colors.

by Jun 25, 2015Design

Choosing your corporate color palette should not be an afterthought. The right color combination can be strategically used to make your brand stand out and plays a huge role in your audience’s perception of your business. Selecting the appropriate colors for your visual identity should not be solely based on your personal preferences. An firm understanding of your target audience will help you determine what will work best. Difference colors evoke different emotions. Use them to your advantage to help convey the right message to your target audience.

Warm Colors:

Warm colors in the red, orange and yellow families generate an energizing and exciting effect. They evoke feelings of passion, positivity and enthusiasm.


Strength Passion Love Excitement Power Urgent


Jovial Extroverted Energetic Social Friendly Confidence


Cheerful Optimistic Hopeful Warm Bright Joyful

Cool Colors:

Cool colors in the blue and green and purple families are more reserved and tend to evoke a calming and relaxing effect. They evoke feelings of professionalism and trustworthiness.


Positivity Tranquility Quiet Growth Health Nature


Peaceful Clean Thoughtful Trustworthy Dependable Integrity


Wealth Success Regal Dignified Creative Wise

Neutral Colors:

Neutral colors when used on their own evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance. When used in combination with warm or cool colors creates a modern feeling and can help tone down a brighter color scheme.


Balance Neutrality Calmness Steady Reserved Elegance


Solid Safety Reliable Practical Earthy Sturdy


Bold Powerful Mystery Strength Formal Dramatic


Purity Innocence Spacious Goodness Sterile Simplicity
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